a beautiful proof assistant

second part of the course teoria dei tipi • begin April 27th, 2023 • by Ingo Blechschmidt

Welcome to our joint course on Agda. :-)

Agda is a programming language. But Agda is much more than that: Agda is also a proof language. We can write up mathematical proofs in Agda, even proofs concerning infinite or uncomputable objects. Furthermore, Agda is not static: Agda is also a proof assistant helping us devise proofs. With Agda, we can …:

I hope you will enjoy the course. Questions and suggestions are always welcome!


Thursdays from 4.30 pm till 6.30 pm (Italian time)
Fridays from 2.30pm till 4.30 pm

Exercise sheets

Suggested exercises and their solutions will be posted here.

Transcripts and recordings

Recordings available here.


First draft based on earlier Agda workshops. After the basics are cleared, we can explore lots of different tangents. Your input is very much welcome.

  1. Agda as a programming language
  2. Agda as a proof language
  3. Exploring Agda



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